Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your return policy, pricing, payment gateways, etc. Check out the examples below.

What is CMS (Content Management System)

Managing content refers to creating, editing, archiving, publishing, collaborating on, reporting, distributing website content, data and information.

What can i do with CMS?

An example of a CMS application is a Web Application that provides the following administration, control panel or website management functionalities:

  • Create, Edit, Publish, Archive web pages
  • Create, Edit, Publish, Archive articles
  • Create, Edit, Publish, Archive press releases
  • Create, Edit, Publish, Archive blogs
  • Add / Edit events into an Event Calendar
  • Add / Edit Inventory (products), description, product specifications, prices, photos, etc.
  • Enter, Edit, or View orders and print packing slips and invoices
  • View reports and statistics site data
  • Create and Edit system users which have different permission levels to different section(s) of the above administration

Why should i purchase your cms?

We are providing CMS for small websites without having more confusion.

WordPress having more options to develop my website, then why i use your cms?

Here i am giving wordpress advantages and disadvantages for your reference
1. You have thousands of themes and plugins , it covers everything
1. Have to pay more amount for wordpress hosting (3 times more price than shared hosting)
2. Normally you have to buy good themes as well as plugins which costs 25$ to 200$.
3. If you use cracks or piracy themes, that themes may having malicious code steel your data or hack your website.
4. More knowledge required to build a total website.
5. You have to spend more time to setup content to build final website.

Which advantages will get with your cms?

1. We are giving different cms for category-wise ( different template for every category)
2. Our cms will work from PHP > 5.6 to version of PHP & Mysql
3. Front end template required which options, that only available in Admin dashboard.
4. No need of any technical knowledge ( min knowledge of sending email )
1. Your one template may not suitable for other category website ( construction website may not suite normal business website)

Already i am developer, why i should buy from you?

Just think how much time you have to spend for building any normal HTML or PHP or WordPress website?
Why waste that much time to develop a website ? So we decided to save developer time to build a website.
Here we are providing different category wise cms( on demand categories)

How many cms available for each category?

We noticed 40 categories are on demand.
Normally we are planning min 10 CMS for each category.
Once all categories covered then will add extra cms to that existing categories.

why you are selling for 2$ – 12$?

Actually first of all we want to save developer time and money.

We found every CMS having same style Admin Dashboard? Why?

Actually we are concentrating on front end templates, based on that we are adding extra features in admin Dashboard, once all categories CMS covered then we will add more 2 dashboards for every existing CMS ( customer can choose which one they want)

Why should i go for membership plans?

if you are a freelancer or Developer, you required more templates at that time you may save more amounts while membership plans.

Is this rates are for promotional price for year long?

This is for promotional offer, prices may increase based on features and extra admin dashboard development.

Is there any refund if we don’t like after purchase?

For every cms we are providing demo, please go through the demo before purchase, all purchases are final and there is no refund

Images shown in this demos are not available in my downloads?

All images used in demos are copyrighted images, so we are not using in downloads
Please try the images from online as per your requirements.

If we find any bug, you will rectify it?

Yes, we will rectify and update it.

Is there any customizations in any cms?

Yes, but based on requirement you have to pay( every buyer may not having same requirements)

Your cms having SEO compatible?

Yes, we are giving that provision to update keywords and meta description

There is no payment gateways in your cms?

1. Actually basic websites doesn’t required any payment gateways, that is the reason we are not adding for every cms, we only adding payment gateway for few applications like charity, online appointment booking etc.
2. If you want in your application, we will update it for you with nominal charges(normally 199/- for each payment gateway per website)
3. Next stage will add to payment gateway for every CMS

We didn’t find any e-commerce cms?

Already number of applications/cms available in market, our aim is not that, that is the reason we are not developing any e-commerce cms.

Which Framework you are using for CMS?

We are using core PHP to develop CMS, because developers can modify code any time as per their requirements if needed.

Software Versons
PHP verson : 5.6 +
MySql verson : 5.6+



If you have any other than this questions then feel free to touch with us, we are always happy to answer your questions.